Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture

25.-27. June 2015, Universitatea de Vest (West University of) Timișoara, Romania
Session on 26. June 2015: The Place of Dracula: (De)constructing stereoptypes

Mark Benecke
Int.’l Research & Consulting, Postfach 250411, 50520 Cologne, Germany,

Abstract 1

To determine psychological, biographical and life style parameters in a large, active, real-life vampyre subculture, we used an internet- based questionnaire with special features, including strict inclusion criteria, missing outgroup and proof of existence of all participants. We discuss to what extent the characteristics of identity groups — especially in the context of two former studies (Atlanta Vampyre Alliance (since 2006): Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study; Joseph Lay - cock (2010): Nova Religio 14(1):4-23) — are matched since we found no coherence in possible trauma, economical and job status, but high coherence in the time interval of personal “awakening”.

Conference at West University of Timişoara: Session: The Place of Dracula
Vampyre Identity Groups (Sanguinarian)