Interview on Vampirism – My research project about Vampires

Quelle: Online-Interview, 06. April 2014

MB gives an interview on the run

Interviewer: Alejandra Arredondo... I’ve come across the theory that many people believe that vampires do not exist and all the stories are just a myth. However, I believe otherwise. There has to be some reason that there are so many movies and television shows that broadcast vampires. This is why I came to you for guidance. I want to be able to fulfill my task in this research project vastly. The purpose of my project is to open the eyes to my fellow colleagues the truth behind vampirism, and the importance of it ... (Alejandra Arredondo)

1. How many encounters of vampirism have you come towards?
MB: well, plenty, if you count in the unearthing of corpses, people who feel they have vampyristic traits, movie fans, and so on. it s a wide field.

2. What was the most shocking findings of vampirism you’ve found?
MB: that people are so afraid of looking into subject matters that are not spooky at all.

3. What kind of controversial opinions have you come across?
MB: just ignorant comments of all sorts: "will we be bitten?", "they did not ACTUALLY believe their brother was undead!?", etc.

4. What was your incentive to start studying vampirism?
MB: i like complex topics, and if they are multidisciplinary: even better.

5. What was it like investigating a vampire for the first time?
MB: pleasant. people are very open when they understand you truly listen to them. we are not talking about insane persons but about brothers who are afraid that their "undead" brother might be unhappy or kill others or both, and about persons who are just soft and a little gloomy once in a while.

6. What are the main features to tell between a vampire and regular human being?
MB: well, either they are decomposed or they feel different, e.g. have a taste or hunger for blood oder energy.

7. Do you believe in the myths that are told about vampires?
MB: i believe in what i can check objectively. i can see why people mix up signs of decomposition with alleged undeadness, and i can see why people have an identity that suits a vampyric life style.

8. What are the main characteristics about a vampire?
MB: like 6.

9. I have read that vampires visit their loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhood, is this true?
MB: yes, undead people are said to do so.

10. What is your motivation to continue studying vampires?
MB: like 4.
also, i have to say, it is a nice subject to look into because there are plenty of things to learn -- about goth music, architecture of old castles, identity groups, i can travel to places that are pretty off the regular track -- it s pretty inspiring.
plus, often, the parties are very good  ;)

11. In your opinion what is the best way to avoid confrontation with a vampire?
MB: you should avoid the demons inside of you by exposing them, facing your fears and moving on. everything else is a piece of cake then.

Thank you for answering my questions, and if you have any fun facts about vampirism will you please let me know? Thank you again for your help.
MB: pleasure and let me know about your work

cheers & best

marky mark from a train through germany